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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Margii rights looted + 2 more


Margii rights looted


Our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha is in crisis and one of the main causes is the curtailment and eradication of margii rights. When those rights are duly restored the state of our organisation (AMPS) will be far better. We should all be aware of our rights and know the history and method by which they were removed. This letter serves as and overview and roadmap for this important issue.

(A) Margii rights part 1 has addressed these points - (link appended directly below):

- After 1990, group leaders and their stooges curtailed margii rights by manipulating the BP post and the bhukti committee;
- Key factors to recognise if margii rights have been wiped out in your area;
- Those factors include flatterer Wts campaigning for a particular BP candidate, sincere margiis being stripped of their voting privileges, sycophant Wts imposing the Fake BP Manual-- which Baba forbids, and more;
- Importance of a strong bhukti pradhan (BP).

#1: Ananda Marga issue of margii rights rights

(B) Margii rights part 2 has addressed these points - (link appended directly below):

- How group leaders and their sycophants turned the ACB into a "yes men" committee for ruling faction;
- How some imposed the fake SPB in SUVA in order to suppress  the margii voice;
- How group leaders and their bootlickers made the margii post of PKB defunct.

#2: Exploitation of margiis...

(C) Margii rights part 3 has addressed these points - (link appended directly below):

- How the various factions recruit members into their fold;
- How group leaders and their lackeys use the tactic of 'divide and rule' to control a bhukti;
- On the aforementioned basis, group leaders and their doormats exploit more.

#3: BP rights and ACB system dismantled

Every Ananda Margii interested in upholding Baba's teachings will find this entire situation very concerning. Guru has given specific rights and responsibilities to family people, and now those are being torn down by stooge Wts. Baba has formally given family margiis a voice in the organisation through the post of bhukti pradhan, and the Advisory Committees & Boards (ACB) etc, and those posts are being overtaken and hijacked by lackey Wts. All in all the situation is very alarming.

All must adhere to Baba's order

The response is that this is Baba’s organisation and Wts are bound to follow His divine guidelines. Being in control of the organisation means following Baba’s order - not inventing one's own rules and tearing down His teachings etc.

Clearly, for the many years leading up to 1990, Sadguru Baba granted key rights to margiis and ensured that family margiis had a specific role and voice in running the organisation.

But in the current climate, to keep their own post margiis keep mum. And side by side they cover up the misdeeds of lowly Wts so the general populace does not find out. That way all the corrupt and sinful dealings committed by stooge Wts of Rudrananda and Sarvatmananda remains hidden. And nowadays when the current group leaders are so woefully debased, this gives those factional heads and their stooges tremendous scope to continue their misdeeds. Such sinful Wts know they can do anything and everything and margiis will cover up the mess in order to keep their post and keep the local people in the dark. So such group leaders have not a care in the world and satisfy their degraded desires whenever they please. This is how they capitalise on the sentiment that margiis do not want to report the bad dealing of these corrupt Wrs in public / to the police etc. The problem is that when those same sinful Wts fill the governing boards in AMPS then where is their scope to get our AMPS pointed in the right direction. So this is one chief stumbling block nowadays.

Both sincere Wts and Margiis have distinct role to play. Wts have no right to against Guru's teachings. Rather, Wt Dadas and Didis are to strictly uphold all of Sadguru Baba’s guidelines, rules, and regulations. On this point, stooge Wts must be held accountable. Those negative people who stole margiis rights should be punished.


Due to the exploitation of margiis, only unqualified people are getting the BP post. And such persons cannot run the bhukti properly. All the while, spirited and dedicated margiis keep away to uphold their moral principles. They do not want to compromise with sin so they keep themselves at a distance. This generates a toxic atmosphere in the bhukti. That is why since 1990 our AMPS has been shrinking, what to speak of expanding its programs. And margiis are getting exploited so they are at a loss and Wts are also at a loss because the unit is sick. The very things they are dedicated for are spiraling in a downward direction. And service projects are falling by the wayside. The solution is that we should follow Baba’s guidelines and margii rights should be restored.

In Him,

There is no justification for curtailing margii rights. Wts and margiis both have been given their respective roles in the AMPS organisational structure. So those doormat Wts may not contravene Baba’s guidelines by tearing down margii rights and manipulating the post of bhukti pradhan etc.

Those rules and regulations and systems have been graciously designed and implemented by Baba, and every disciple, including all Wts, should follow them.

How sycophant Wts of Rudrananda exploit margiis

One prevailing notion in most units is that margiis want to preserve the reputation of even sinner Wts in their respective communities - at the cost of justice, so they do not pursue the proper legal systems for fear that the ills of those exploiters will become public.

For instance:

(A) When Mukundananda sexually abused the little girl in the margii family in Daltonganj, then those local margiis did not report the incident to the police etc. They did not seek any type of justice or rectification, rather they kept it all hush-hush to keep up the good name of even corrupt Wts in their area. Whereas, in most places when such a sinful, horrific crime like that is done, then the perpetrator will be tried in a court of law and spend the rest of their life in jail. But, instead, Mukundananda casually walked away from the incident as a free man. Mostly because margiis were more concerned with saving their own post and public reputation than the pursuit of justice.

(B) Some years back, Vrajeshananda raped the young maid servant who worked in the home of a margii family. All the margiis in the unit found out what happened and opted to stay silent about the matter. They chose not to report this crime to the police to save their own post public prestige, rather than face the outcry against bad Wts in their local community. So they kept mum about it, and the outcome was that Vrajeshananda never had to undergo any repercussions for his criminal and sinful dealing.

*        *        *

The below sections are entirely different topics, unrelated to the above material.
They stand on their own as points of interest.

*        *        *

== Section 2: Prabhat Samgiita ==

Only for You

Note: Only those who sincerely practice the higher lessons of sahaja yoga meditation can understand this song in the depths of their heart.

"A’már e gán divase nishiithe,raciáchi prabhu tava tare..." (Prabhat Samgiita #1168)


Baba, I have spent day and night composing this special song only for You. By Your grace, all the feelings and emotions of my heart are decorated, layer by layer, in the lyrics of this tune. The affection which my I feel for You in my core is threaded and conveyed through the melodious music.

Baba, my Supreme Entity, the dawn has smiled and left Your sweetness before me. The charm of the early morning is Your exquisite beauty. The expressions of the flowers, leaves, and petals only tell me of Your tales and stories. Now I feel Your presence everywhere, by Your kindness.

Baba, the soft, gentle breeze has come to me. With its sweet, tender touch, it happily conveys Your message and tells me that You are showering Your grace endlessly - pouring Your eternal, sweet, love boundlessly upon me.

Parama Purusa Baba, I surrender at Your lotus feet...

== Section: Important Teaching ==

How people see so-called ghosts

Ananda Marga ideology guides us, "I had a certain acquaintance whose garden was quite large. One night his wife thought she saw a ghost in a corner of the garden. In Bihar, a female ghost is called `chudel' in Hindi. At the sight of the imagined ghost she cried out in fear, and fainted. She never regained consciousness and died some time later. The next night the same gentleman came out of his house at the same time. He also thought he saw the ghost. `Why should people have to die one after the other in this way?' he thought. Stepping forward to strike at the imaginary ghost with a stick, he suddenly saw that it was nothing but a bush which, in the moonlight, looked just like a human being. His wife had died for nothing, terrified by the deceptive image of a bush. Most so-called ghosts are like this. Towards the end of the rainy season rotting vegetation often gives out a gas, called marsh gas or will-o'-the-wisp, which bursts into flame when it comes in contact with oxygen. This burning gas may easily be taken to be a ghost. This is how a fear complex can develop." (1)

Note: In His various discourses, Baba clearly states that there is no such thing as “ghosts”; so-called ghosts do not exist. Most often, people in their mind imagine that there is a “ghost”, as is the case in the above example. When in fact there is a perfectly rational and logical explanation. People imagine it and become convinced that it is real.

1.  Ananda Vacanamrtam - 7, How Should a Devotee Behave?

== Section: Ananda Vanii ==

Go ahead towards your cherished goal

Original Ananda Vanii states: “The opportunists tried in the past, are trying at present and will try even in the future to fulfil their narrow desires by keeping the human race disunited. By severely reproaching this opportunistic craftiness through your noble deeds, you draw nigh the unknown strangers living far away and build a healthy world-based human family. Ignoring the brute forces, the sky-kissing arrogance, hypocrisy, immorality and glib outbursts of the conceited people, go ahead towards your cherished goal. The blessing of Parama Puruśa shall be with you alone.” (Ananda Vanii #40)

Note: Sadguru Baba has assigned a number to all His original and true Ananda Vaniis. In contrast, Fake Ananda Vaniis do not have any number. By this simple formula, one can easily recognise which is a true Ananda Vanii and which is fake. For the upcoming occasion of January 1st 2017, all Ananda Marga units should use one of Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis, not a fake one. By this way, one will surely get His blessing.

== Section 3: Links ==

Thursday, October 10, 2019

For bhaktas only + 3 more

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For bhaktas only


Those days, we can say that there were essentially two broad categories of bhaktas: Those who were like Sudama, and those who were like Arjuna. Sudama had full feeling and unwavering belief that Lord Krsna is Parama Purusa.

Openly announced about Himself

From hour to hour and year to year, always Sudama held the realisation in his heart and mind that Lord Krsna is God. In contrast, Arjuna did not have full faith that Lord Krsna is Parama Purusa. Arjuna's mind was always riddled with doubt. To remove Arjuna's doubts, Lord Krsna had to show His vishvarupa (universal form). Then Arjuna's mind became convinced.

To satisfy all those bhaktas who suffered from similar doubts, on various occasions, Lord Krsna openly proclaimed Himself as the Divine Entity using very direct language.

Mama vartmánu varttante manuśyáh Pártha sarvashah

"'If people resort to the path that I show they are sure to attain salvation in the end...I will liberate You'." (1)

And in another shloka Lord Krsna has proclaimed:

Paritráńáya sádhúnáḿ vinásháya ca duśkrtám;
Dharmasaḿsthápanártháya sambhavámi yuge yuge.

"'I incarnate Myself in this world from age to age for the annihilation of the wicked and the protection of the virtuous'." (2)

Why Lord Ksna was very direct about His status

Lord Krsna was very forthright and direct in telling those bhaktas about His divine status. In that era of old, the people were very simple. They did not resort to lying or bragging. What they were, they spoke; and what others said, they believed. Because nobody was falsely telling about their own greatness. People were very straightforward; they would matter-of-factly speak of their status. That was the social norm. Accordingly, Lord Krsna told those around Him that He was the Parama Purusa. And the people had full faith and trust on what He told. By this way those Arjuna type of people got the support they needed to be strict on the point of Ista, i.e. accepting Lord Krsna as Parama Purusa. That was 3500 years ago.

Around 2000 years ago, a different era took hold on this earth. In that time there were numerous people claiming to be the incarnation of God, the son of God, or the divine messenger of God etc. There was no shortage of such persons who were indulged in this type of self-glorification. This type of mentality did not exist earlier. But it was this mindset that gave rise to the birth of the Semitic religions - where such claims are the sole basis for the existence of that religion.

All brag about their own inflated greatness

In this present era, the collective psychology has slid further down this continuum of decline and degradation. Everyone is prone towards inflating their own personality. This is the common trend where people eagerly and anxiously speak about their own "greatness" and "extraordinary talents." A person who has read 4 books will proclaim himself to be a scholar; an athlete will proclaim himself to be a demi-god, and verily nearly everyone props themselves up to be something they are not. In turn, others do not believe what a person proclaims. They do not take it at face value, or any value. Because self-glorification and hypocrisy are rampant.

This was perhaps the main reason why Baba did not openly proclaim to one and all that, "I am Parama Purusa." Because society was not ready to take it in the right way.

However, He did graciously present Himself to His bhaktas as being the Parama Purusa - in various ways: dreams, sadhana, personal contact (PC), in dharma samiiksa, reporting, demonstrations, dhyana, discourses, and numerous ways. About this, each and every sadhaka has their own personal story to tell. This was all done exclusively for the welfare of the bhakta. Parama Purusa has nothing to gain in this regard. So this was the unique and special opportunity for each sadhaka to advance on the spiritual path by developing a personal link with Him. In sum, we can say that it was nothing but His ahaetuki krpa (causeless grace).

So the fact that He is Parama Purusa was made known to bhaktas only - not to members of the general society. Higher sadhaka, through their spiritual approach coupled with His grace, can intuitively feel in their heart and mind that Baba is Parama Purusa. And for those new margiis who need external support, Baba has graciously shown them in their heart that He is Parama Purusa. This has occurred through DMC, general darshan and  in front of other margiis etc.

The best way: through sadhana

There are various grades of sadhakas on the path of Ananda Marga. Some have been blessed to intuitively feel in their heart that Baba is Parama Purusa; and, others need external support and evidence, from time to time, to remind them of this eternal truth.

All along, it must be borne in mind that the only way to truly feel that Baba is Parama Purusa is through sadhana. Only with that inner realisation can the mind wholeheartedly embrace this supreme truth. If anyone relies exclusively on external reminders or outer suggestions, that will not work. When tough times arise they will run from the field, and if someone offers a contrary view of Baba and / or Ananda Marga they will easily be swayed. So the only way to be firmly rooted in Ananda Marga tantra yoga is through sadhana. Then only will one truly realise that Baba is Parama Purusa. Keeping this view in mind, please read the following.

So many ways Baba reveals Himself to bhaktas

Sometimes a few new Ananda Margiis have doubts about Baba's real identity. To be caught in such a dilemma is not good for any sadhaka.

For this reason, in a very loving and personal manner, Baba graciously shows those sadhakas through dharma samiikas, PC, and reporting etc, how He is always with them, watching them, protecting them. This is the very basis of bhakti: Feeling in one's heart that Parama Purusa is always present, always with me. So for a bhakta to intimately understand that Baba is that very Parama Purusa is everything. By this way one feels that they are never alone or helpless, as Baba is always there, lovingly showering His grace.

And there are countless ways by which Baba brings His bhaktas close. Some see Him in dreams, others in dhyana, and still others gain an understanding of His Divine grandeur through PC, demonstrations, varabhaya mudra, experiences with microvita or dharma samiiksa, kiirtan, blessings, discourses, and so many ways. On this matter, on this journey of finding that inner link with Him, each and every bhakta has their own personal account and experience. Somehow, some way, they came to understand how Baba is always with them, caring for them.

And that He sees everything. He sees their smiles and their tears, their joys and sorrow, their past mistakes and their future glory. Then the entire concept of Parama Purusa as a Personal God is no longer just a figment of philosophy but rather a practical, heart-felt experience.


Verily this is the speciality of Ananda Marga. Every sadhaka feels they have their own special link with the Divine Entity. This is dramatically different from the various religions who feel that God is but a vision in the distant sky who sternly looks down upon them, or the various other paths that state that the divine is nothingness itself or beyond one's reach in this lifetime.

Ananda Marga is the path of bliss: Realising the very practical notion that Baba is the Parama Purusa who resides in the heart, watching everything, showering His love, and keeping us under His divine shelter. Baba did not beat the drum about His divine advent because He did not want worthless people crowding around Him while bhaktas are pushed aside. So He brought bhaktas close and allotted His work to them.

Baba may not have announced His Divine Presence to the world. Yet certainly He has shown Himself to each and every sadhaka. And by this way, His disciples develop firm faith in Ista, bask in His divine bliss, and sit on His lap. It is truly His grace.

In Him,

From general people and the common society, Baba hid Himself through various liilas and played the role of a most ordinary human being whereas for bhaktas He revealed everything in so many ways. Nobody can understand the liila of Parama Purusa.

~ In-depth study ~

Scene at DMC:
Baba shows how He is Supreme Noumenal Entity, Supreme Hub

Here is an example of Baba directly indicating to few margiis that He is the omniscient Parama Purusa. In the following scene from DMC in Timmern, Germany (1979), Baba graciously shows Himself as Parama Purusa, and thus clears the doubts of certain Ananda Margiis. How does He do this? With His all-knowing mind He uncovers what a few margiis thought while decorating the hall - even though He was not present at that time. This shows that He is that Divine Omnipresent Personality - the Parama Purusa.

Here is a closer look at this exact scene from that DMC.
"You know, the Supreme noumenal entity maintains the closest relationship with all other apparent noumenal entities, so-called noumenal entities, and those so-called noumenal entities maintain a link with each and every expression of this universe. This indirect link of the noumenal entity is called Prota Yoga in Samskrta. That is, whatever you are doing is indirectly known to Him through your direct noumenal entity. And not only that, He keeps a direct relationship with you also. “Today we will decorate the hall in a very nice way, as is done in the case of DMC.”

COMMENT: At this point in the discourse those present start laughing because Baba has just now revealed exactly what certain margiis thought hours earlier when they were decorating the hall. They were expressing their hope that Baba would declare DMC: “Today we will decorate the hall in a very nice way, as is done in the case of DMC”. Yet just now in the discourse, hours after the fact, He is perfectly replicating what they thought. So it is only because of His all-knowing personae that He is aware of exactly what they thought. By this action, He is directly revealing that He is that omniscient, Divine Entity who maintains a link with every noumenal entity, both individually and collectively. He is proving that He is linked with everyone - everywhere.

“And when Bábá will see these things, [laughing] He will say, ‘Let there be DMC.’”

COMMENT: By this above phrase, Baba again reveals that He knows exactly what those margiis thought about Him hours earlier when they were decorating the hall. That is why everyone is again laughing. Because they understand that Baba is speaking verbatim what those margiis were thinking earlier in the day. By this demonstration Baba is revealing that He is the all-knowing Parama Purusa. Those who were in doubt about His real identity are now convinced that Baba is Parama Purusa.

"See, these things have got direct reflection on the, what? Not on your apparent noumenal entity, but directly on the Supreme hub, directly on the Supreme noumenal entity. And He will say, “Let me satisfy those little boys and girls—”

COMMENT: Here again those margiis are laughing because they understand that Baba is directly showing them that He is that Supreme Hub, i.e. Parama Purusa, and that the entire mental plate of every apparent noumenal entity, i.e. every jiivatman is reflected in His mind.

“—by declaring a subject of discourse.”


COMMENT: By declaring a subject of discourse, Baba has formally declared that this will be DMC, thereby satisfying the unspoken desires of those Ananda Margiis who decorated the hall. All are laughing because Baba has perfectly depicted the scene that took place hours earlier and now He is fulfilling their request.

"The link, you see, one indirect link with each and every entity, through so many noumenal entities; another direct link with each and every individual, from a mammoth to a blade of grass. So a mammoth cannot move without His grace, and a blade of grass also cannot move without His approval. And this shows that He maintains a link with each and every entity." (3)
COMMENT: Here above Baba is revealing to certain bhaktas that He is that Parama Purusa who maintains a personal link with every unit being, i.e. jiivatman or noumenal entity in this cosmos through His ota yoga. As the Parama Purusa, Baba sees everyone, everywhere all the time. There is not a thought, syllable, or action that He is not aware of - and He has made His bhaktas aware in their heart that on this very occasion by precisely detailing the thoughts and desires of those margiis decorating the hall. This is an example of His subtle way of hinting to His bhaktas that He is that divine, all-knowing Divine Entity.

Printed version of same passage

   Ananda Marga ideology states, "You know, the Supreme noumenal entity maintains the closest relationship with all other apparent noumenal entities, the so-called noumenal entities, and those so-called noumenal entities maintain a link with each and every expression of this universe. This indirect link of the noumenal entity is called Prota Yoga in saḿskrta. That is, whatever you are doing is indirectly known to Him through your direct noumenal entity. And not only that, He keeps a direct relationship with you also."
   "“Today we will decorate the hall in a very nice way, as is done in the case of DMC. And when Bábá will see those things, He will say, ‘Let there be DMC.’” See, these things have a direct reflection, not on your apparent noumenal entity, but directly on the Supreme hub, directly on the Supreme noumenal entity. And He will say, “Let me satisfy those little boys and girls by declaring a subject of discourse.”" (4)

The above yellow italicised section is the "as is" version of the discourse. In the book edition cited directly above, those publishers did not indicate that bhaktas were laughing. I shall leave it to them to explain why they did like this, as that is not the main point of this letter.

1. Namami Krsnasundaram, Párthasárathi Krśńa and Pariprashna (Discourse 24)
2. Namami Krsnasundaram, Párthasárathi Krśńa and Pariprashna (Discourse 24)
3. 20 May 1979, Timmern, Germany
4. Subhasita Samgraha - 12, The Noumenal Cause and the Personal God

== Section: Important Teaching ==

How yoga postures keep the spine flexible

The following is an English summary of Baba’s original teaching given in Bangla in Shabda Cayanika part 8:
When calcium builds up and gets deposited in the back it becomes hard. That is why when people are very young then their backbone is quite flexible but due to an accumulation of calcium over just a few years then by the time they are teen-agers already their spinal column has become stiff and rigid.

Doing noakasana, utkata paschimottanasana, and shalabasana etc eliminates the possibility of developing a hunched back. So those doing hard manual labor that demands bending the back for extended periods of time should do these aforementioned asanas on a regular basis. That will prevent them from suffering from hunch-back in the future. (English Summary)

== Section 2: Links ==

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Baba Loud Wailing Namaskar, Here is the announcement of the mahaprayan of President Hugo Chavez, a communist leader and ...

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